Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Various Angles, Indefinite Edges

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Nausicaa 360

Trembling stars we are looking
Looking oh, you, quickly rocket
A match to your resistance
The rain is answered
We are blind

You set fire to the golden fabric
Time melts away
We have sinned against our own eyes
We have strangled out answers

The gentle lip tastes the stream
Of your glancing, dancing bent
From some yet undiscovered color
Everyone cries
Wading in shame those
Worthless souls of the pardoned

The night is shot full of solar systems

Sunday, June 27, 2010

River of Ecstasy

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Nausicaa 359

Passion leaned too far back
And fell dead
A knee in the light gives way
To a certain tingling feeling
A breathing in and out
A delicate heart pauses
Then dances away without so much
As a promise on the lips
When looking up from a drawing
We fall
Into difference
We swear our eyes to secrecy
And go back to sleep.

It is always like this
When the dance begins.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Sun of Daedalus

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Nausicaa 358

If he saw
The day and followed it
Into the heart of wild sacrifice
If he were not so different
If he stretched out and
All the world into his little hands
If he locked the door and walked out into the morning
If he only asked the name of beauty
Silence would bring down the twilight

We thought we understood
Least cruel love
In holding it- it became filled
With the happiness of knowing the
Falling have finally fallen
And come to rest

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aun Aprendo

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Nausicaa 357

The window of the loved
Newly painted with dreams
Lies quiet, lost, covered in thoughts
Of white and light and saying that things will change.
And they do, for some lovely moment
Where we would see to the far side
Of morning and
Make our confessions into poetry
To be read aloud in luxury
And passed around and
Worn simply like a veil
Or a badge
Sent up to fly and too soon to disappear
To be found again in ribbons
At the seashore moving
With the evening light.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Goya People

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Nausicaa 356

The throat falls along the way and faltering
In silence tells a dozen odd stories
About the night
About something aloof
About sparkling eyes
And merciless tears
About the stars and pieces of jealously
About laughing lightning
About looking back
About the frame of the heart
About thunder
About sex
About hidden rage
About how, in an instant, we can be so wrong

Quiet voice you bring up thoughts never dared
You build this tower and close the walls in around yourself
You cast aside the day
And mould some cold night in
This image of cold and confounded wound.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sticks and the Stones

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Nausicaa 355

The enormous look
Finds the tongue in suspicion and
Winds its loveliness around the eyes of the moon.

Then looking down
It watches the setting sun and
Quivers in the dark, waiting for time to begin.

We are ready to give in to desire
We are ready to drink at the shrine of irritation
We are ready to give thanks to the quiet

We would rather fix the grave with flowers
And collect the legs of the missing
Instead we go out to find our voice
And explain our sensation of fire
And listen with our hands in our pockets, once more,
To the song of loneliness

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Walk In the Desert

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Nausicaa 354

A vision of time
Kissing a baby’s head
Running, tugging glorious
Gnat, too old to be nervous
Too young to see the difference
Raised from hell
The throated face races
The radiant flash of eye, bought
With concern, wished away in gentle
Mischief. We watch them go by and note their passing
Their goodness getting on our nerves
Their smile leaves us wondering,
Irritable, caught like prey in their admiration,
We drown with only our teeth to name us.

Underneath the burning mile the rose loses its radiant nature.

(Bloomsday, June 16, 2010)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Turning Our Gaze From the Thing That Frightens Us

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Nausicaa 353

Because we are insignificant
We drown in the sacrament
Itching with slope and purpose we
Might be angels
Accidentally thinking that our strides
Are long enough to reach god
But we are short and end up among the sparrows

Keep your eyes on all the
Skinny monkeys
Throwing pies in the faces
Of the queen. They are so good at it that
Maybe we have made our last mistake.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sea At Night Is Made Of Waves and Sky

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Nausicaa 352

The wicked root becomes the clock which in turn
Delights the flighted eye.
To win love is to be lost at sea
And know the comfort of all
Those troubled seabirds-
You are their subject
They your kings.
Afflicted is the heart in its own dark
In the refuge of sin in
The practice of carrying your
Yearning to the altar
you crush the care of god.

The archangels hear confession
In the voices of nature and yet they are helpless to
Prevent exasperating time
They become wicked themselves and
Use their power to pierce the
Illuminated eye of inconstant love.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As We Prepare For Loss

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Nausicaa 351

He wanted to be looking up
When he caught sight of her soul
He wanted to know how the trick worked
The magic that made
The heathen paintings
Of shoes
And belts
And haunted words,
The magic that made the light

He wanted deep dreams of joy
Burned in the evening
Offerings of clouds and mouth and pale foreigner
The queer darkness that has given us this world

Instead he got the wonderful wish of sorrow
And all this happy suffering

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Space-Time of a Falling Leaf

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Nausicaa 350

We are determined to say these strange prayers
The power of memory has no power to
Save us, our little mouths are no longer famous
We are no longer these honorable vessels
Smiling determination yet surges again and again
As we look to our pre-recorded hearts for answers
No matter how fleeting

An age of love, this is, where we,
Perfect saints, perfecting our contrition, we
Implore failure jealously
Intelligence cannot protect us now,
We are careworn and far from the sound of the word
The warm air is fragrant with the names of our sins
Now we understand that the only business of our hearts
Is attention.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Her Hair Weaves Fateful Monsters

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Nausicaa 349

Angels called softly
They were bright and inside your home at night
They rubbed your dreams till
You learned to pronounce the names of
All the flowers in these
halcyon days

But there were cries, coming from
An overlooked place
The single heart forgets
Its deliberate wishes and
Now turns to rock

You come along and kick it down
A stony slope into a raging sea

We watch stupidly on the strand as it
Sinks forever, without a trace.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Kindness of Shadows

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Nausicaa 348

Intoxicating thing is a love of fault
Its own father breathes these rusty fumes
As if there was a lamp for virgins
Him who never loved himself
Has no mercy on any other.
Standing out in the forgetting rain
Which ruined so many hearts
Which cast no shadow over childhoods
Which never saw the end coming
Which preyed on pilgrims in fancy carriages on their way to salvation
Their companions sleeping through the violence.
Its kindness serves as a warning;
The hopeless old may still have their day.