Monday, May 31, 2010

Flight Over Water

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Nausicaa 347

Carriages curl, laugh, you air!
The ink of the sermon rams the anthems
And dresses them in hats and class
Until they disappear beneath the waves
We make out their faces from our high place
They make their careers on their chins.
And the sound of nothing
Is the sound of something
Until you put your want aside and find
Yourself step step stepping into a void
Cigarette in your lips and your moustache on fire
You check the cross
And split the sky
And you laugh and in laughing
Come crashing
Into this sweet heaven.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


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Nausicaa 346

The lovely perfect
Who owns this sweepingly beautiful now?
The long broad blue is not of comfort but
Along with the eaten rose
And house of high-shouldered summer it
Serves a temperate and lonely self.

Were we to be together in this tall sky
Our faces stretched by the wind aloft
in a deep darkest morning sigh
before we move on with our day,
we hand ourselves a lucky fight
and a homely want
and we really want to please.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Art of Falling

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Nausicaa 345

Her soul found night in this sickness
Straining in arms and such yearning she
Snatched love from some lost daydream
Where parties in mirrors take place in the little day
Where voices flecked with strange grayness
Cry at meetings of heaven ending
Pale and expensive
Trimmed with this sad light
Put luck aside along with all the
Old becauses and understand this vain strength
Deep for asking
Call your thinking shelter
Call it night

It’s a beautiful day
Here in the valley of the wind!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Soon It Will Be Light

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Nausicaa 344

What the mirror gives you back
Airy, wearing electric instinct, that
Different color – blame perhaps
The newest fingered garment of perfect proportion
Flittering of eyes and the shape of pockets
That never knew a real penny
That never trusted luck or hope
That always thought of grief as far away
As you take to the water
Will you never see the far shore?

The afternoon shops collecting shiny people
Know your favorite fear
The sweet awful
The five-foot wide heart
That you wear on such a beautiful day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Funny Rain

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Nausicaa 343

For the love of the eye we ride to the core
Of your infinity- fair glory in natural wealth
We might come to love in time also
Some joyous May it is that pierces us
Through our cigarettes and gloom which
Is always falling from our window
Found flying to meet the street below
Left in pools of moon broken, perhaps in
Scientifical beauty now hardened
to understanding in its unusualness.

A simple Trinity: common virgin, race of the dull and attentionless god,
Lipless prompting
Speaking while figuring
A nail in the saint
A quarrel in Thursday
This is the way we learn.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Much Will Be Lost

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Nausicaa 342

Languid fate, your mortal girl veined with regret
Pronounces the exquisite distance
Her eyes better fingers wear the right and beautiful day
They have already lent whatever meaning left to them
Drawn from tired wax you tell the lie of the world
You part time and keep jewels as your only companions
And design this fragile, graceful purity, tapering away from
From our strange yearning
Much is true inside this deliberate tendency to love.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sword of Damocles Is Hanging Right Above My Head*

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Nausicaa 341

Gypsy smooth misty now hating your imperative sweetheart
Kissed away, the sisters of sand visit the castle of the mariner
Our troubles are just beginning for us, we who
Are washed in the blue tears of the master

The name of grief
From the mouth of the tower where
Improved exceptions of language prove
The art of misadventure spills forth on the verge of eyes
We come to hear the word of war

We leave coveting the shame of dancing happiness.

*Lou Reed

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The First Nausicaa

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Nausicaa 340

The weed-hearted girl of the flowers, wild
Castle-builder and least jinky radiance, she
Holds her nose and
Breathes the breath of life over us
Like golden laughter- old, but dear and loving
Least sand a happy promise new habits
In little fancy bibs and in time streamed
Prayers for seated friends
Alongside the proud waters
Apart, she will send you to her months
To wait a boy, a father, they will give you a spade
With which to dig your own grave
As you chuckle among the stars and storms
And stand on the brilliant shore
Learning patience
Learning how to suffer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Monsters in the Floor

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Cyclops 338- 339

Your head, with all the other debris
Hurtling away from justice
Along with the dogs and the limbs and the angels,
All departed all joined in their velocity
We may one day find ourselves on islands of gold
Brought there by honorable trajectory
Shot through with remains of angels
Left worshipful at the bay where few still stay
Where we discover the giants and have
Some sympathy for them
Where we make promises hourly
That we have no intention of keeping

The progress of the faithful winds its way
The beaches and bitter ridges
Furiously driving toward some new Elijah.

Monday, May 10, 2010

From Here, I Can Almost See the Whole Thing

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Cyclops 337

The pleasureship of laughing becomes catastrophic
Stop shouting, pig! You’re a fair henchman- you of the many forgotten
I’ll find you in a gospel
You are someone else
Hold the wars- they are terrific and
Instantaneous in the shock of the exploding sun.
This becomes the answer answering
The electrical luck of our long-dead god
And a hand above the eye to shade the mongrel country
While we glide down the fair river of our custom
While flowers and horses salute our visible being
Hold on shouting hold on to these wars
As we enter the gates of the metropolis of
Mastodons those big flagless devils
Their power cheers us from the ground
Their murder warms our little hearts.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Cubist Mathematicians

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Cyclops 336

The loafers of ceremony with their power of speech
Beseech us to distinguish our makers from artists
Whose mother is this what finds itself affecting
the bloody hand the jaw of a fly that assembles thousands?
The moon waits to receive them
Your father, your uncle the brains of a nation
Now plunge us into departure
Our names reflecting our stakes. Carrying these
We trudge toward this metropolitan crucifixion
This exhibition of execution, this
Phenomenon of late distinction that we
The living get sitting meanwhile gathering
Ahead illuminating the citizen-savior
Who knocks down the morning and unzips the day
and discovers its hidden mathematics.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Charming Old Cannibal

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Cyclops 335

The dolphin and the martin
Bring forth the nymphs laughing
Anyone’ll tell you they’re clinging to their smile
Once these sisters stood beside the
Helmsman and held a candle to you
Binding you with their golden sail
unfurling curses and drinking like sailors
their shining eyes just round the courthouse door
seeing the ending of all this they left in little cars
to go and call upon the sea
their noble hearts now linked
and riding the waves

Monday, May 3, 2010

Year of Wonders

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Cyclops 334

The damned say they are really blessed
But fish and devils inhabit them and
The spirit of the water over
Which wonders do persist they cross and
In so crossing them they see the light of
All these angels, thousands dancing on pin heads
All knowing all saying god of Abraham you
Make right these heeling ships and
Stay them in your harbor
You celebrate their discovery of death
And watch them as they bring the various back and forth
And in this happy year you do
Blame them for their consumptions
You enter them through unattended windows
And strand them in their answers

You hurry to strike the hand that gave you thanks.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Approaching Uncertain Physical Reality

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Cyclops 333

Anonymous Aquinas blessed with woven arrows
The brothers of bacteria
The time of lilies and snakes
Those legless wingless dragons frightening
They, the benefactors of our silence
Their palms are anvils on
Which are candles
Lighting the way of all the sunken virgins
Chained to these weights and weighted
To be carried into the water near Waterloo,
(they wend their way to resurrection, finding their light
Among their children.)
They are pierced with swords of stardust
Observant saints and martyrs
All come covered in Vaseline
The thing the proto-sun, the running patron
Of the morning all ink and letters all torn of paper
All newly water-born
All bellowing prayers from bays and bridges
Bearing horns and boots
With the shells of daughters and
The eyes of sons