Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Gather strength to the purpose of happiness
a creature with secrets moves within me
a headless hat borne on a cold wind
a house of animals, candles on the floor, blood on the door
in exodus my consciousness invites the unknown void
But what heart removed from the spectacle
will be competent to construct incertitude?
And what psalm intoned will draw
us from our bondage?


Heaventree, thy meditation awaits
awash in dead sperm and vaster
comedies of the unknown
the observer changed by the by the observed, the parallax of
Sirius and Orion
Coming to and finding themselves in
various night- depending on the drift of reality
The fixed bodies divide themselves again and again
until and when the germs of stars reach their
instant of death/birth and hang
on imperceptible dividend: faith.


The vanity of happiness
the false confidence of power
the rude problems of apogee
the atmosphere of potentiality
add up to the error of approximation
Constellations of exodus
Andromeda, the dark water of Passover,
(Why is this night different from all other nights,…)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breathe Out


I am a vicarious jew
wand’ring from anticipation to
variously famous from time to time
with my abnormal visions
and my porcelain indications
The advantages to reconciling with my homeland
are not lost on me
Attentive to your gentle expression
the obsession with hours
I hope for sleep and in sleeping to
sleepwalk into tomorrow.


You have been advanced your money,
excluding the cost of the static that surrounds you
and the instruction of speaking.
you are not the places you’ve lived nor the
declined asylums you only dreamed of.
As absence ratifies the deceased
so does worship confirm my sense of futile motion
There are no further destinations to be attained


In the palazzo next to the Grand Canal,
you know the one, the one with
all the pigeons and the shiny triangular
terrazzo tiles-
At dusk it could be a Memo From Turner
an invitation to destruction
or an explanation for decay.
JMW invites us to contemplate
the agonies of stillness and solitude
from the accident of existence to
the congenital catastrophe
To the inevitable return to the waters.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Seeing A Falling Meteorite

Music of habitation!
O opulent infidel
your commentary like a sad knife
taken to reluctant pockets
the daughter’s implacable victim
Your dead deeds and superstitions
are hypnotic and propagate envy
your reluctant secrets are the
ritual circumstances of regret
Who weighs the
Tales unmixed with smiling?

A distant army attains its destination
and the city breathes its terror
Hallucination and memory
attire themselves in violation
and, in sleeping, crawl toward disorder
I have a memory of doll,
a button and a newborn line
a figure of exclamation in
circular birth and in constant danger
What is this body
brought into being
to the hallucination of
dogs howling in deepest, darkest winter?
Less than I imagined
but more than just dreaming
the healing smoke-this gift of
flight, high, aerial toward the dawn
the instinct to run the
memory of departure
now gone.