Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Gather strength to the purpose of happiness
a creature with secrets moves within me
a headless hat borne on a cold wind
a house of animals, candles on the floor, blood on the door
in exodus my consciousness invites the unknown void
But what heart removed from the spectacle
will be competent to construct incertitude?
And what psalm intoned will draw
us from our bondage?


Heaventree, thy meditation awaits
awash in dead sperm and vaster
comedies of the unknown
the observer changed by the by the observed, the parallax of
Sirius and Orion
Coming to and finding themselves in
various night- depending on the drift of reality
The fixed bodies divide themselves again and again
until and when the germs of stars reach their
instant of death/birth and hang
on imperceptible dividend: faith.


The vanity of happiness
the false confidence of power
the rude problems of apogee
the atmosphere of potentiality
add up to the error of approximation
Constellations of exodus
Andromeda, the dark water of Passover,
(Why is this night different from all other nights,…)

1 comment:

Rod MacGregor said...

I am endlessly fascinated by the different depths in your work...from the heavily hatched to the single line...its a mix that I need to see.