Saturday, April 6, 2013

Indefinite Sidereal

The brilliancy of various stars
disappears tonight
brought down from known constellations
to the death of birth
what of phenomena?
What of eclipse and
the vastness of lonely orbit?
The years of wind have worn away
the luminous beauty of revolution
and revealed the origin of the water,
the moon and Andromeda are born and die
on its obscure surface
And the occasional meteor
whose life – so much more brief
but none-the-less
similar in value

I was convinced of your antiquity
it was a proof of rain
and a dream of reflections
your rising motion spoke no more of
heaven than if it was a sea of possibility
Your tempest of method has ceased
to be of any value and
may be an error of beauty
Your presence is frenzy, a
crater of fallacy an analogy of delirium

Why must I now wane?


Oh, silent, luminous year, you
consume my admiration, you
speak with the light of the indefinite
Your outline, your trajectory
traces the suggestion of shadow
my splendid gaze
now shuttered.

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Rod MacGregor said...

I like the bendy guitar in the second drawing...The band is so mad looking, it almost makes you hear the instruments