Monday, April 29, 2013

Invisible Schemes


A piano strains
A sweet song in a distance
a love song
so, so large with pain of ending
with plain posture and
gradual discoloration, an aging candle consuming
a feeling of leaving
the temple of pages
a cinder of longing.
A prince of symbols outside
with his gaze unfolded
with repeating gloves
with emerald cigarette smoking
is ignited in imagination
Retreating to his previous proceeding
where he occupies his amusement
by extracting a slender light
from a cylinder of final indication.


The melancholy sisters
of Connemara and Mantle
examine their craters
with mirrors of disaster
their image inverted in fumes of
wisdom, transparent and frozen
in glacial satisfaction
Motionless and compassionate
they come to resemble
an owl and a tree
complete with serpent, an angry dwarf;
solitary and senile
regarding his gift carefully
his attention is to the distance


We catalog our thoughts
Antiques covered in golden cloth
souvenirs of trips not taken
of wars and secret defeats
complete with footnotes
and reminders of our hidden,
overdue lives.
There are designs in crimson
sewn into each and every lesson,
pamphlets of victory
letters to hidden garrisons
primers of reckoning and
history obliterated
The volumes are tooled with
clues of those voyages
with captions and notes and
faded impressions of
long gone children and the
erasing of seasons.

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Rod MacGregor said...

Your work always makes me want to get a sheet of paper draw someone and hatch!!