Sunday, May 13, 2012

Autumn Light

Ithaca 673
Our reflections merge
with ancient signatures
a genealogy of survivors
with revived versions of ecstatic visions
the consequences of this have
compensated for our isolation
we, the living comply
with the law of melody
with the anticipation of devolution
with the anthems of simplification
Our costumes are hieroglyphs of
defective inscription
our epigrams the
writing of familiar ignorance
herein lies the restoration of the past.

Ithaca 674
where host of major modern
secludes itself, deluded exponent
of concocted reassurance
there you find the sediment of example
there you find the possibilities of catastrophe
But, what of the residual courage of ecstasy?
the familiar widows
the familiar streets
driven to trinity to predestination to
concealed sensation?

there are answers to this in all the places
where water mixes with identity
where the future no longer resembles tradition
where beautiful figures form
in un-solid light.

Ithaca 675
we home- came back to
slay the boys in hallways
and dining rooms
Back to pretty hand
and woven weeping caul
undone undone
unbroken pleasure
led to sorry feeling and
smiling  dressed in minor sadness
reciting a hero's song.