Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Seeing A Falling Meteorite

Music of habitation!
O opulent infidel
your commentary like a sad knife
taken to reluctant pockets
the daughter’s implacable victim
Your dead deeds and superstitions
are hypnotic and propagate envy
your reluctant secrets are the
ritual circumstances of regret
Who weighs the
Tales unmixed with smiling?

A distant army attains its destination
and the city breathes its terror
Hallucination and memory
attire themselves in violation
and, in sleeping, crawl toward disorder
I have a memory of doll,
a button and a newborn line
a figure of exclamation in
circular birth and in constant danger
What is this body
brought into being
to the hallucination of
dogs howling in deepest, darkest winter?
Less than I imagined
but more than just dreaming
the healing smoke-this gift of
flight, high, aerial toward the dawn
the instinct to run the
memory of departure
now gone.


Richard Ewing said...

so nice to see some fresh Tracy work again...
Number 2 is the best (and this year's Xmas card if needs be!) I love the solid form of the head ~keeps me comfortable.
Nice loom too.

Simon Spare said...

Seconded - so great to see that you're still drawing, after some tough times. Really missed your art.
Lovely stuff as usual.

Rod MacGregor said...

Wow...brilliant as are a great inspiration!