Saturday, May 1, 2010

Approaching Uncertain Physical Reality

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Cyclops 333

Anonymous Aquinas blessed with woven arrows
The brothers of bacteria
The time of lilies and snakes
Those legless wingless dragons frightening
They, the benefactors of our silence
Their palms are anvils on
Which are candles
Lighting the way of all the sunken virgins
Chained to these weights and weighted
To be carried into the water near Waterloo,
(they wend their way to resurrection, finding their light
Among their children.)
They are pierced with swords of stardust
Observant saints and martyrs
All come covered in Vaseline
The thing the proto-sun, the running patron
Of the morning all ink and letters all torn of paper
All newly water-born
All bellowing prayers from bays and bridges
Bearing horns and boots
With the shells of daughters and
The eyes of sons

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