Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exile Years

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Cyclops 332

Hungry power must liberate the word
The jest-like buying of wonder
Well, there you go, making
All this frightening noise like
You have the eye and you know
But I have seen you delivered
Contaminated in homicide and blessed
In blood, lying through your teeth
While telling me to have charity.

Citizen pissers, these grey things
Children, really, now blind always many misgiven
Acts in the country of bones- no neighbors
Will approach- the road is old and broken.
Still, we are born together in this sea of suspects all
Waiting to convert,
Acolytes outside the window glass

For Lloyd Blankfein

1 comment:

rLéJean said...

Hey Mr. Tracy, how have you been?
Your sketches have so much life and confidence in the strokes! Something Im still trying to achieve in my own work.
Its really great to hear from you:D
When I think of the best teachers at AI, you always come to mind!