Sunday, June 8, 2008

Diverse Fictions

Personal Mythology

Now may be the time
To spread new roots
To make new contacts
A horse’s ass
Strikes out on
A new adventure
No more the greedy cannon
No more the mark meaningless
Made empty darkly by fake
Beatniks and their ugly-thug
Brethren Navigator-drivin’- pistols in waistband ass-crack showingowin’ back

Borders disobey heretofore obedient
River courses
Fuck you!

I had my own reasons for staying
Here all these years as if
Any new germination would
Be quickly identified
And sent packing as the ridiculous and
Uncool thing it really was.
Now is the time for color,
Now is the time for light,
Now is the time for personal mythologies.

(Drawings from "Belly of the Beast," a guilty pleasure- I love Steven Seagal movies!)

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