Monday, July 7, 2008

Life is a River

You are a worm, Marengo
You are a worm at the end of the world
And at the end of time

In the book of dreams
Your name is written in
Some strange perspective that, when chanted aloud
conjures a glimpse of a world to come

Searchlights on the shoals of dreams
Only partly illuminate your design
As you hover somewhere slightly above
The darker water.


Ivan's blog said...

Mike, I wish I drew as much as you did, you post all the time, I wish I could get myself to just work all the time. These are great. Your New paintings are great. Its crazy to see how many transformations theses paintings go through until their done. My favorite is the one called ornithology, the last iteration is my favorite. so much energy in the colors. So much energy in all your colors. your paintings are full of energy.


Mike Tracy said...

Thanks, Ivan