Sunday, November 16, 2008

Human Cannonball

A small-time junky in a big-time world
hovering somewhere above the pavement
expectantly awaiting the sweet salvation of the net.

Falling through the skylight
the softest beam yet
seeing what was never possible
reflected in the broken glass-

after the show- gleaners
slowly move through the shards
harvesting what they can.

1 comment:

Ivan's blog said...

I like it how every once in a while youll post a drawing, and it looks like you decided to take more time on it, and render it alot farther than most drawings you usually do.With light and shadow, and beautiful{tedious}pencil shading. sometimes It's almost a bit like a little tease, because your showing us a little bit of what you can really do.

Dont get me wrong, all of your drawings are beautiful, especially the ones that look like you drew them really fast. All you drawings have so much energy in them. I like the impatient quality to the fast drawings, but yet they have so much control in them. sorry for writing so much on here.