Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remembering the Hall of Mirrors In Brussels

(*title of an Otto Dix painting)

#41 Proteus

Tickled idiot!
You prayed in libraries
But cracked, lifting the bells
The sound heard serpentine then
Dying on the sand and pebbles.

You are naked in the presence of
That widow of kidney and fat and echo,
You invented applause in the wet pages
Heard in the morning, against the mast
You dyed bald the horns and
unread letters
Gone strange
Round the corner
Lost, unnumbered.

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Anita Mendes said...

"Don`t you see", said Martin "that he is disgusted with everything he possesses?"Plato long ago,said that the best stomachs are not those that reject all food".
"But" said Candide,"isn`t there a pleasure in critisizing everything and discovering faults where other men detect beauties?"
"That is to say "replied Martin, "that is a pleasure in not being pleased"(from the book Candide,by Voltaire)

and they concluded the conversation...I guess is something like this, isn`t it?
Beautiful poem and sketches Mike, beautiful work!
see you soon, Anita