Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pais los Enterradores

Jupiter is greatly mistaken if
it resigns this picnic in favor of all
the little fish.
In the name of all god's crumbs
what is this voice that refuses
dying instead of the already dead?
Here, now, life begins and with
eyes are how the never live
become the quick, the selfish.
One day evil learned language
and this eye turned to dust.

1 comment:

Robert Berry said...

This is really fun stuff and a very free-wheeling take on the text. I shocked to have just found you now through a google image search.

I'm currently working on a comix-translation of ULYSSES at
and would love to add some of these images to the site or link them somehow. Please drop me a line at or through the site itself.

Great work, man.