Monday, August 3, 2009

Live Forever

Link to Website update August 3, 2009


Live forever
The dead know this joke
And trade it amongst themselves
The jesting gravediggers leaning on their shovels
Must wonder sometimes
How things could possibly
Get tougher.

The auditors of the heart lay somewhere
Just above a swirling damp devil
Which is hard to believe
Which is hard to imagine
Which is hard

A profound blood which is that which
Gives thanks before feeding
On itself, goes on, oozing black
Standing under, now lying
In grass and flesh is trying hard to
Go on living,


Richard Ewing said...

Kind of a benevolent Bob Dylan in image number two there. "Can you 'pretty please' crawl out your window?"

Mike Tracy said...

I kind of watched the image unfold and said, "Dylan maybe, but more Cate Blanchett of the 'He's Not There' kind."