Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dancers In Hats


Goodbye, land of giants
So long ye Laestrygonians,
Something I am looking for
Was found in the pocket of another
She, busy in afternoon,
Reads the hasty hand
In the quiet gate
Moment of walking
Moment of longing
Quick heart of paper
Safe heart of stone.
Goodbye, Land of giants.

Scylla and Charybdis

The tickled solemn shadows
Noiseless, priceless a weeping laugh low
Mystic, even shining not great but beautiful
It finds its way all ears and dreams a face: a girl
Who buys you a drink and seems to give you a minute.
But larger thought now sees sorrows paradise- she is off to
Darkgreener places all ears and grief,
Ready to pull another sucker through the gale.

Hamlet magician you are born so ordinary that
The Buddha would be embarrassed except he
Remains long enough to read a telegram, a poem
About a holy beard-Magician schoolboy.
The remains of light reveal a hint
Of the next shadowless world- speculations of beautiful sacrifice.
Doubtless, formless, the glimpsers of fire were probably right:
Aristotle was once a schoolboy, too.

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Ivan Aguirre said...

Great stuff Mike, Always love your line work. Im gonna try and make the drive to art walk if im not busy one of those days.