Friday, August 20, 2010

Tower of Lies, Tower of Bliss

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Oxen of the Sun 386

The body of the day
A communion between love and corruption
The smile of poverty the
Quiet of desperate virgins
We escort our young
These otherwise drunken spawn
These disobedient devils -they were eternal-
Twinning remembrance and burning
Finding their way to this joyful island of flowers
This new sex a mystery
We gave them so much poetry
But left them cursed and hungry.

Oxen of the Sun 387

We old lie
Our kiss an atrocity
We have sins we cannot confess
Secrets we cannot share –you’ll see when you are there
If we return as men who once again
Cannot understand
We are still these bitter strangers
Banished in a nature where death has ended
And life is a plague
A nightmare of birth and light
A stranger in the moon
Where money is illumination
And we dwindle with the mention
And the visit of darkness

Oxen of the Sun 388

Cracked waxy angry summits
Rumblingly heavens slumber against
The cups of hell where some hidden thunderhead
Creeps forward from its cage its
Region of loud and remote uplift
Godly doom and discharge all the least colors
Pluck whatever spikes that drank your heart
No fear takes its place here where
We crouch again in sudden deed and storm of want
Together standing we could not see this vast palace
Hear this pitch and oddly certain order
Behind the shaking beast of all these sad mansions

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