Saturday, February 19, 2011

Next Year In Jerusalem

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elijah is dancing, leaking
about to spring as
we watch swollen rockets
leap away and secretly
ownership of the stars
Now a twoheaded light bursts
through the fog
perspiring, choking, draped in laughter
and prepares to form
the end of the world


as if we join in
the big certainty
all run to the jesus vibration
you certainly think
sure joy
you call
us to belief in
black numbers
we phone the sun to say
whores are us
you drown in certain life
you think of god and pie
get me?
got me.

Next year in Jerusalem


Richard Ewing said...

all 3 of these are beautiful!
the interplay of contour and detail is very satisfying.
the hatching and melding of tones in the forest scene is beautiful.
good GOD.

JFoster said...

Nice drawings. Very talented.