Monday, May 30, 2011

I Used To Be Empty


Something's up in ruined space

the happy lamp is broken

the halls and doors in this shattered place

are jammed with war

down there in sunlit rooms

of spoken sometime whim

a sometime head is seized - a past returned

excited arms beat back the voices

telling us you were in the ruins

a part of the useless stampede

you rushed around in darkness finally

fleeing through an open door

but who pays for all this sorrow?

Who pays for wasted night?


Your coat's in water

your talk is torn

your eyes are leaving

your want is witness

your anger shows

your heart now empty

your head is too,

your distance shrinking

a call for wanting

the wind now screaming

a relentless payment

blow by blow

talking talk

amid rising damage

and broken hands


from this morning mountain rising

this silent air down here

I hurry to part the tilted light

it sideways swiftly points to the water

urging, striding those voice's ghosts

draw this boat upon the rocks

and hasten now from the railing

running from these teachers clutching

envelopes of empty promise

leaving nothing to our sons and daughters

leaving nothing but disgrace

leaving now drenched and incognito

spilling sorrow all these open years

the point is all this leaving

the point is all this rage

turn the bow into the wind

now truest sailing can begin

now the harder distance is to be travelled.


Richard Ewing said...

all of these are infused with emotion that's not altogether comfortable... even the buildings in #3 make me anxious.
nice ride Mike.


Rod MacGregor said...

I agree with Richard...Nice Ride Mike!
I am impressed with all of you work and find myself spending rather a lot of time here marvelling at your awesome drawings and paintings..How inspirational..time not wasted!