Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Cast A Shadow On Our Past

Circe 578

May the unfortunate knife


a hidden hate born gently

to a stream of hateful hands

a tooth that leads from barking dog

to sharp rememberer

to whom no advantage is given

but with which the masks and tongues are taken

to them whose god lies now dismembered

to them whose best ghost of happiness

is one who calls with a razor

Circe 579

When I see you, standing there in the white light

I know we cast a shadow on the past

we give most everything

to eat evil and

to dance with painful duty

to war for king

to drink the necessary

a page of hats and flowers

arranged to spell revenge

we want someone to tell us

where we might find the rain

then my hand gives me back

to smoky empire

to high singing dusty sun

to monotonous day

(Time's a bitch that eats its young.)

Circe 580

Go, Stranger

Salute the fierce wind

find the eye of the poor

wailing in the frozen wild

where are your tricks, now?

In decoration, in word, will you stand, now?

War trophies brought back to your citizens

in small shiny boxes

left in burnt houses

will you receive this gift of infinity?


Rod MacGregor said...

I am reading no2 as somebody is out of tune and the clockwork man is a reminder..they both have pegs to tune or wind up.. (Time'a bitch that eats its young) something scary about that one.No point in telling you your drawings are amazing as usual.

Richard Ewing said...

For number 2, I actually think that The Charlie Daniels Band wrote a song about this scene ~~ something about the Devil on vacation in Savannah to receive the key to the city (sticking out of his backpack here) and trading banjo secrets with a local Johnny. There was a golden banjo in the offfing as well, somewhere...
I believe it was the last time Lucifer visited the Hostess City of the South, being irritated by the flippant hospitality there.


Mike Tracy said...

Thanks, Rod and Rick-