Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Progress of Summer

Eumaeus 612

This morning:

A dream of ocean separates the island of sleep

from the obligations of the morning

the hour sides, though, with the knife's design.

every pill creates its toll,

every name an accident; exceedingly grand in fancy-

but really putty in the true world of daylight.

Excellent travelers build wives from mud

only to watch them fall from the corners of the earth

at the very first opportunity.

this morning I waited for a signal

to begin my own falling

through a delightful system of steam

through a house in the shape of a ship

through the locality of summertime

and the progress of August

seeing nothing but sticks I named the day

in honor of my eye.

Eumaeus 613

God is in Stilettos

amongst all you goats

she broke the secrets of invincibility

then hid them from herself and

we, in danger, don't know when

we cross beneath the shadow of her mighty hand

and face the storm.

Horror and sorrow snap the blade

and give rise to works of art

made by drowsy dreamers

stained in perfect silence

leaving behind only a question of memory

and wondering,

Where is the world?


Richard Ewing said...

Keeps me glued.
It seems lately your compositions dance in a more complicated choreography and intertwine majestically. ...very nice juxtaposing of placement and value structure to really push the atmosphere and mood.
All 3 here are riveting. Number one makes want to know the secret.


Mike Tracy said...

Thanks, Rick!

Simon Spare said...

Really great drawing - particularly liking no1 - I want to know what they're saying.