Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too Soon It All Dissolves In the Light

Ithaca 670
Morning, blue-curbed crone runs home
Instance of radiant happiness
the cacophonous music of the crows
their scattered fries and flattened bags
knitting hieroglyphics and constant piano music
I arrive in joy and stand inside my alias
Stand in capitol underwear and smelling like a saint
Oh, Aloysius of Quebec
pleasing sinner covered in Hebrew characters
calculating the number of syllables needed
to finish this mendacious scripture.

Ithaca 671
successful rain rains success
like this false regard
like this impermanence
judgment disliked like false intelligence
success in analogy mistaken immanence
for eminent seekers who seek permission
in conspicuous correction
and wind up leaving
in ignorance

Ithaca 672
Aleph oxen the sin of B
the glottal stop possessed but yet
what voiceless host rejects
the service of the rain
Oh rabbi in the downpour, your
umbrella mistaken for a pencil
forgotten - left on a wet bench
covered in vocabulary and ripped from syntax
enslaved Israel
neglected ordinal
the rain is ordered and thus uncountable

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