Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Go Quickly, Go Playfully

If you find yourself
the object of an impersonal ambush
object with lust
deliver a basket of adders wrapped
in an accordion
tell a multi-colored tale
a mustachioed act
played out by a madman ironmonger
orange keyed monkeys in brass-colored nightshirts
We are trying to compute
the proper aperture of forgiveness
prudently returning to the foot of night
disposing of the effects of miscellany
given us by our own dark impersonations

I have boasted of gradual extensions:
marriage, conception, additional intentions
I have observed the destruction of proportion
and consummation
of organgrinders and pissers and condescension
I have witnessed the waning of long reflections
covering the wavering waters
each a longing repetition
I have cooked and recooked these
books accounting for encounter
and produced flakes of infinity and
crumbs of impressionable ability.

Standing in rainsong
collision with the sun
this, the virtue of attraction,
the agents of decrease
in the body constant but
not acute
the amorous expense of effort
an energy of desire?
no symptoms of envy
no calamity of reflection
can blot the radiance of ambition

This is how jealousy turns
to highway robbery

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