Saturday, November 24, 2007

First Entry

I begin this blog as an extension of my website - a way to verbalize what I'm trying to do with the expressive content of my sketchbook.
First, a bit about the daily practice of a sketchbook: for me it is a form of diary- a way of parsing the world and its experience presented through my daily existence, my dream-life and the things I love, hate, hope for and fear. By the very nature of the exercise it is at once poetic and ineffable. It is inconsequential and gigantic. Hopefully, it operates outside the need for qualitative measurement.
My need to sometimes explain doesn't seem to fit very elegantly into the universe of the website, itself, so, hopefully, this blog may act as a "junk drawer" for all that stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere.

Let's face it- some of it is, lacking a context for it, not good. I admit to relying on a certain amount of artistic pretension to cover up for my lack of ability. Simultaneously I hold the belief that true authenticity must come from a certain fearlessness. As a maker of images all makers must, at some point, show their work to someone. Without this resolving act the work itself seems to remain inchoate-only partially formed. (Or is it just an ornate justification for shameless exhibitionism and self-promotion trying to pass for humility?)

"Even the president of the united states must sometimes have to stand naked."*

Over the next few months I will post a new entry each time I update my website sketchbook, typically two or three times each week.

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