Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Process and Memory

As I was housecleaning last weekend, I came across a bunch of travel photos taken on various trips throughout the years. In 1989, patty and I went to Paris for our Anniversary. I took a Pentax K1000 (old school) and took hundreds of really boring snapshots- Long story short- I decided to explore some of the ideas in my sketchbook-
The Nike is not exactly the way the photo suggests it- but more blended with what I remember of the moment you come around the corner onto the main staircase of the Louvre from the lobby (I probably am not remembering this accurately)
The point is really the mob with its back on history while the anchoring the base of the triangle is the lone figure of a sleepy, bored guard- apart and, somewhat, redundant. Above it all strides the judgement of destiny- a shabby victory of the gods- what good are wings when you have neither arms nor head?

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