Monday, January 28, 2008

Can't Cheat an Honest Man

Sunday comes around and I look forward to the newspaper. It is an endless source of ideas. lately, I have stopped reading it and just concentrate on looking at the pictures and drawing from them.

Now, I try not to copy the photographs directly- but use them a source of a visual ideas- Sometimes I will cop the whole thing directly and rationalize it as a sort of "note-taking," however, my overriding motivation is to use this activity as a source of inventory for the future. It's a sort of harvesting.
The page below, is an exception- the images were copied- the cow and the figure have been turned around- transcribed- but, for the most part, there is little invention, here.
The face in the helmet and chinstrap, at the upper right, is from an obituary: Sgt Kyle Dayton- killed in Iraq. I want to say that we lost a special human-being, judging by his unusual obituary photo, then I realize that we have lost thousands of special people.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

Let's take care of each other, shall we?

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Ivan's blog said...

cool stuff mike, I like the first drawing alot, the expression on the guy.