Thursday, January 31, 2008

End of January

I have something like 115 pages of sketchbook material on my website for the month of January, 2008. Now is probably a fitting time to reiterate (or proclaim) my goal of 10,000 pages of sketchbook drawings on my website. I haven't given myself any deadline (other than dead) for this- but I'd like to see it happen before 2016, the year I hit 65. (8 years from now)

So the month closes- and it has been both productive and a month of setbacks, personally, spiritually and professionally. Disappointment is difficult to cope with, however, I remind myself that very little outside of satisfaction with this moment really matters.
I am in the midst of publishing a small book (50 pages) of some these sketches. This should be available about the middle of February, either from me, or Lulu or Blurb (not sure yet.) I expect it will cost about $15.00- but an announcement with links will be up as soon as it is available.

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