Saturday, March 6, 2010

Every Day I Look At the World Through My Window

Cyclops 306 (Second Version)

An ancient public dog
Carefully conceals his achievement
Which is gone through the sweet, blinding moment
When the empty circle drops from his delightful jaw.

The stones recite this missing answer
An opera they’ve never heard
There, nonetheless, below the growling water
Once found it returns to silence
It has nothing to say-it speaks emptiness.

Rendered in red below a bloodshot kindness
There is a harsher love, one that gives itself to the world
With a graceful false name:
Familiar, delightful, famous.

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Richard Ewing said...

But I don't remember any ships OR donkeys mentioned at Waterloo --at sunrise, noon OR SUNSET. So I'm confused. But the drawings here more than restablize me.