Monday, March 8, 2010

Turn Your Faces Toward the Sea

Cyclops 307

a curse is the policy of beast of fact
as it comes to agree in what it believes:

the courage of water
the spoken verse of the hole in time
wars of spirit that laughing come to
disclose our leaving

perhaps we show some intricate indication
of our honor when we pay with our own ill

Confused, we act to serve suggestion
A green dog of system
Infinitely increased in complication
Of the days gone by and roaring

How is it we come by these feelings?
Is it asking for light for a day arising?
Cyclops 308

this league of answers is shooting slaughter
evidence of animals going off in laughter
now feeling human hesitate so gently
the notice of the useful not much in question
anything added is only common
the thought of coming
the house of friendship
the bloom of going
the opposite of order
the medical condition
the cheer warning.

Similar honor is sadly forbidding
Tonight possession on the floor
The bad black ironical
Made lost for sure forthcoming wanted
Produced on a dare,
It could not inspire us to anything more.

Cyclops 310

Lurching tragic hands catholic, drinking seem
To appreciate what overstepped ticket
Calls itself our acquaintance
A shaking vagabond a robbery at a funeral
The confidence of a safe wife
Conducts you in your feelings
But deprives you while rogues
Convey the night with better words

Your true speech,
O Israel, you bitter hope
Walk out with your excuse for a teacup
Come addled, young in prayershawl at closing time
Tell us of your trust
Dictate your reflections to the limits of the wind

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