Thursday, January 6, 2011

All Those Tiny Birds, Trying To Sky

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From here you watch the crowd of coachman
with their hurrahs of love
extravagant in lauding
Venus in Furs while she is
being sold to Don Juan and his obscene photograph
we are drawn to the treasure
which we cannot see
we watch as she is struck
and falls to the ground
handcuffed now standing
she sends naked pictures of herself
to the phoenix
Years later they are found,
comfortably living among
the shiny rags of the future


Me, I'll take the dance
the excuses for viciousness
and the scourge of the stars
glowing eyeless, written in danger.
Our disgrace stands alone,
received from fury
delivered from honor
alone in its striped tingling
but still very much alive.

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