Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Forget How To Tell the Joke

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Man, this sad music has me down
where is my kiss?
listening at the door, winged
receding light
the edge of dark
velvet now coming on
farther than I'd noticed
worse than I thought
the churchwhores are working overtime on this one
we all make this trip
some pirouette
into this abyss
bright sleep
luck looking for a winner of air
flying about, warbling and cooing
it pays out in the light of friends


potato music, music of the eyes
the fingertips
curious music of faint regard
slowly noted smiles at being
in dumb black chance
in hard alarm
a million hands reach
into the uneasy sky
warmth not likely
greed tickles the edges
softens the heavier lip
reaches out for the eye
knows better the next time.

Sometime this week I put up my 9000th drawing since March of 2007. This drawing was either in the January 12th or 15th website update (see link at top.) I expect to achieve my goal of 10000 drawings in 4 years by April or May, this year.

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