Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Second Person Plural

Eumaeus 623

so you bring your foreign committees
your launched disturbed sentries
you leave with your fortune intact
but humanity left behind
over, over this brief space
when we describe the invisible
the tolerable wrecks that
easily tether us
rather out of close improvement
and all this evidence of noise
we are watchers we
composing knowers of fate
and we find our footholds
in sleep.

Eumaeus 624

a lord comes in forms of agreement
disguised in brass and toy hat
chanting a song of increase a
surplus of watery success
but we do not regain
all the sunken countries
the crescendo of air
instead the steam of night
pays down
and we find ourselves falling
through the market of history.

Eumaeus 625

The years depend on a bit of doing
they extend so privately gem-like
and advise tidings and signs
of simple circum-navigation
the tarpaulins that cover our lost sisters
are wishes for land.  There are also
jumpers who have a chance to do it all over,
then jump again, anyway
would they try to land
in the place of their birth?
we are lost in the explanation of all these fools.


Richard Ewing said...

top building reminds me of the Shipping News by Proulx. Nice work, I like the loneliness of number 2


Ted Blackman said...

The drawings have gobs of personality. Especially the top one.

I'd like to see some of your color work.