Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Memoria Visum

Eumaeus  626

Eyeless navigator
spawning flightless dreaming
refusing love
performing the trick of life
lucky, those fatal
inflict a burden of mortality
welcoming some savior
in many different skins
striking out in confidence
takes its shadow for fact
reminding of the shape of rumor
served as transparent history

Eumaeus 627

Trouble is a glance an
offender intolerant of form
it takes the shape of the world
boastful but often right
as it delivers the wrath of war
it speaks in questions
laying down, disguised as second comings
unable to stop itself,
it spreads the rumor of flight.

Eumaeus 628

Priests of poverty
measure the progress of the day
into indulgence they watch
small birds
and wonder if they suffer.
Jealous of heaven, they
are unaware of its emptiness
They surprise themselves
with the sound of their own voices
they thought their eyes were glands of honor
they could not swim in untasteable  waters
they once had homes in the arms of their mothers
but forsaking them,
went sailing instead.

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Ted Blackman said...

It's the monument to the eye! AAAAH!!

Nice poetry...always talking above my head, though :)