Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nous Sommes

Eumaeus 629

We were the fumes of everyday life
our anger changed the proportion of laughter
you felt but you were entitled to affirmation
you were surprised by the
bitter brilliance of the air
you misapprehended your own philosophy
you spoke with your eyes
and none too soon you
failed to keep your promise

Eumaeus  630

underclothes in the yard
Antonio fiddles in the keep
with brain and acquaintance having
gone terribly wrong
it is the nature of our savagery
the original way we practice sin
forced to name our fault
we call it fury

Eumaeus 631

our lovemaking distant, now
like the night, gone in
this eternal twilight
it was a rebus with
typewritten names for all the lives lost
we puzzled  out its meaning
while tossed on a vessel
in a thrown away sea
off to a start
our illness had a name: satisfaction
again, again swindled in demise
preceding embarkation
our lives submerged
our eyes lost in the galaxies.


Rod MacGregor said...

Miss you inspirational posts..hope you are OK!

Mike Tracy said...

Thanks Rod, I'm just taking a little break- I'll be back soon.

SteveC said...

Love your work. I believe I have one of your earlier pieces (a small painting of a toaster) from around 1989.

john said...

Mike - Are your paintings still for sale? I wanted to buy one long ago when you were showing at the Brewery but I didn't have my checkbook. Can't get your work out of my mind.

john florance
spinsLPs at gmail.com