Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Well Is Full of Pennies*

Eumaeus 635

A ladder against my night window
a peculiar gospel of forgetting
a dreaming stairwell in an electric bedroom
the simple fashion of assassination
moves me to claim safety in the storms of bliss
and carve fame from doubtful fire
and loveless smiles
to witness the wild and windblown shore
to hear the eternal itchy sirens
to finally fall victim to their expectation
and gain admittance to the waves no more.


Diego's king
that man of Spain
surprised by teeth
made by decency
wouldn't be so passionate
had he answered his own reflection
where he bears the glowing of abandon
of pianos and executions
and rumors of vengeance without dreaming
his Velazquez daughters
rather muddled in his pockets
watched over by that frumpy idiot
the tiny lady eyeless,
victim of gravity.

*Tom Waits- The Fall Of Troy


Rod MacGregor said...

Hi Mike...I have to say you always give a good lesson showing how important a good composition is (in a positive way!)..You make drawing look easy...a great skill.

Simon Spare said...

Mike - another set of amazing drawings - no idea at all where you get your ideas from - I'm assuming the writings have some bearing, but it really doesn't matter as it's all brilliant! Thank you.