Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Eumaeus 640

Heart, will you still be possible

when yesterday is suddenly missed?

will you always astound somehow, speak

and falling like some profligate star

like years of duty, so wedded to a piece of affection?

Heart, so elder and such the

travelling eye leading you fondly through

the weeks and years you

speak of trains in the night

of age and life

and see the best lies

in all your neglected arguments

Eumaeus 641

The suffering of common animals

is often misunderstood

the dog remembers the spoil as well

as the mistake

he has not years but only this neglected moment

only conclusion and causes

his faith is often sorely strained

and cruelty is an incurable event

approaching a mistake

he risks conclusion in order

to be cured of reason

his idea of fate

is an idea of water,

it will not hold him from departure.

Eumaeus 642

eventually, God became a cynic

its pessimism beckoned

accompanied by all those beautiful

chambers of fate

it was left shaking in the vicinity of home

standing near a shanty in Blarney

with a revolver in its overcoat

feeling the pleasure of it in its hands

thinking a plan of blood

sailing on a sea of grass

failed calculations in its frozen marrow

becalmed in these silent years

1 comment:

Richard Ewing said...

All the Saints are lovely.
As lovely as they have any right to be.

Heaven knows who we pray to.
Do we?

love number one.