Monday, April 28, 2008

A Cancer Patient Mows the Lawn

I have realized many things. The truly gorgeousness of the world of thoughts all existing, one alongside the next, simultaneously. My neighbor mows a small patch of grass on the parkway in front of her townhouse. She has tended this lovingly, carefully. She put out signs saying "keep dogs off grass!" (no "please," and the exclamation point is mine- as if it needed one but did not have it.) And, while it is true that the grass looks good- it will not last in this pristine state, once she is no longer there to care for it.
I think this is an act of grace and dignity- aside from also being a bit of an existential joke- that wants to be taken seriously. But I bristle with a slight indignance when my little dog and I walk by.
My little doggie wishes to piss in the blue, lovingly tended grass- but I restrain her- moving her along to the next house- at least for now.

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