Saturday, April 5, 2008

Carry That Weight

The journey is long, Brother, and the road is sometimes difficult, but when someone reaches the end, you think, "what's the alternative?" It all boils down to the cacaphony of banging on pans with sticks in a futile plea for some sense of significance. Dr. King was murdered 40 years ago, yesterday. As part of the rememberance, NPR had an interview with one of his colleagues. When asked if they had any notion of the future importance of King, the Rev. Lowery said, "no, Martin was just a regular guy with a great sense of humor, who liked to tell jokes and sit around chewing the fat,.."
So, who knows what the turn of the wheel will deliver? We all seem to have several hats that, more or less, fit. Some more comfortably than others- some we wish we could throw away.

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