Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Many Worlds

It is the beginning of April and supposed to rain today. There is much to do in advance of an open house for this weekend, but I feel little motivation to do any of it. In addition, on Monday a curator comes to pick up a bunch of stuff for a show- and, while most of the preparation for that is done, there are still many nagging details to be attended to- and I'm just not a detail-guy.
But still, there are many ways to see the same thing- failure/success, happiness/unhappiness, growth/regression- all flip sides of the same coin- what do we call that alloy where the two metals meet?
What is chance? Preguntes? Doubt is useful, if not over-relied on- otherwise it can become narcotic, don't you think?
Where is that point where my skin becomes yours and vice-versa? Is there a beyond where skin no longer matters?
I will have my studio open on Saturday and Sunday- in Los Angeles. Please feel free to come by and look at what I do- introduce yourself.

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