Friday, December 25, 2009

Lazy Lines, Princesses, An Angel and Madmen


Somewhere I remembered stairs
With feet hung down from horse side
Still ascending past saints
And bearded beheaded Johns
Grimacing in the blood red light
Shimmery air in a glossy mirror.
A cool remembered window now open, there
To choose peace to choose a shadow, somewhere.
A lord in the corner he our brother
Cool sounded
Intently standing
Eyes leaping astride the clattering patterns
To ride out
And answer the morning

Blind smith you joking and all
Metropolitan the distant square twinkling I
Wonder if you thought of me at all,
You, light and bodyless at the archipelago Mall
Trawling an angle behind the years is
It ten? Already?
Onwards from the splendid center on the slender ferry-
An angel frowning in a light rain
The umbrellas buffeting along like a
Striding stream- an ever eastward sea of ships
The fierce word hiding hiding
In these blinder faces.

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