Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sein und Nichts

SIRENS 256-257

Eating laughter while watching sun music we tapped the tune sweating stroll spluttered and drooping. Pearl after pearl sighing from thrown back head and lips-eyes upturned in the golden light, the doctor of light arriving, the doctor is in, the doctor will see you now. In this weather, the sea sweeps all sin away with blended voices again crying forth to ears of men. Whatever you say, you say to yourself, in this weather. Wanting to go forward you retrace your splendid steps but find yourself at a bridge once more, a bridge draped with sacrifice, joy and no small amount of indignation. With the greatest care, we all cross, avoiding the shaking pinnacles breathless, exhausted, laid, breastless.
Imagining marriage shreds the fingers as life must go by. Forward, toward the doors of grace the temptation company must progress with the greatest alacrity. When we arrive we imagine (yet again) the sweetness of eating violets and the welcome of nothingness.

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