Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poem for the New Year

(permit me to step out of the character I have so consistently performed for these last couple of years to share a wish for the New Year- realizing that it risks what small, fragile sense of coherence the may be available in these pages- Happy New Year, everyone!)

A Poem for the New Year

This is the time
This is the time, there is no other
The strange weight we feel
Is the motion of meaning
And some notion of this darker breeze
Taking us into happy history.
Like the shape of fate
Time is the certainty of now
What we are
Who we are
This is the only time of joy.

These years are the dancing years
There are no other ones
These lips are lips for laughter
The ears forgive and forget the
Now now now of nature
Forever here, forever gone.

These days are the dreaming days
A thousand shiny ships like
Lives lived out in all these instants
This is the shape of love
This is the moment of hope
There is no other.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Greetings from the East Coast--
Wishing you a creative and fruitful new year.
I'm looking forward to the pages that come...