Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Everybody Sees You're Blown Apart

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sinister carnivores poke along
for now, the circus is enough
this noble pain
a liontamer trained by a lion
a matter for the belly and the eye
which one holds sway
and possesses this frosty twilight
where everyone falls silent
falls from on high
falls, tumbling into that maneater, kindness
and I, i, I am an educated gentleman
with lash and cruelty and diamond-shaped revolver -
-it spits fire it
spins out its cylinder of years spinning out
burned and broken dreaming
harnessed to life
harnessed to the spinning wheel.


heartbroken forgotten
a million Waterloos a salute
allow your redness to seep through
like an old joke
in the legion of the moment
the water is rising
the flowers are hastily offered
the gallant tide has turned
and we, enraged, in turn
turn to waiting to
offer some false rose
our hat.
Sometimes these things are nameless.

1 comment:

Richard Ewing said...

I like the ghosts and empty sockets in number two. The counter rhythms are real visual hooks.
(everybody feels the wind blow)

I like the bat~confusion as well.