Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things Not Ready, Yet, To Be Born

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How do we look down on this unfortunate year
without the suggestion of a situation
of a one last chance at redemption?
there were changes
and rearrangement of places
and rumpled parts
and pilfered gods to be complained of.
there were stations of accusation
and crooks who took your part
but ended fencing your prayers
and leaving owing slipshod mementos
of the laying-on of hands


What we wanted from the rain;
a feeling of order
a careful age
a glimpse of a distracted bosom,
a vision interfered and a surprise ending.
The guilty return
and retrieve their
they stand in court and make a statement
their speech the speech of sheep
then taken into the evening
to reclaim their innocence they
place themselves in a place
beyond safety
just to hear the siren singing.


Richard Ewing said...
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Richard Ewing said...

my fav is number 3. The composition is logical and makes no sense.
However, I am also rather fond of the ghost pots glowing through on number two... it changes the meaning of his expression.