Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Sad Crazy Wonder*

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Some are lost in the incoherence of laughter
some are bad stories of
immigrants foretold
some are memories bellowed
melodies- strains disguised as
guilty rags
trying to suffer
but, this is all poor grappling
infants with torn noses
brought to some trouble of the world
where sacrifice is doled out
in tiny bits
let the hallucination begin.


I take the native to my chest
where breathing is doubt and
time is only an accessory
slowly, the guilt of the native
makes its way, injured, into
the bashful game
our carnal offense
is one of extraction
in this fight we wish for defeat
we find ourselves shipwrecked
in this irresponsible land
content with the laughing of stones

* Norma Tanega - From "Walkin My Cat Named Dog"- 1966

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Richard Ewing said...

GOD! I LOVE "Sponge Bob in Hell" !
~~color and line arguments are a joy, something I've been trying to reconcile as well...

Crayon or Prisma?