Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And All the Sinners,...Saints,...

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there must be a side that's loose
there must be a sea that's worse
the absurd cracked steel
understands these claims
I have not seen this
dictionary of wrong flung
so far open to the definition of
stones. Some are named
incorrectly. Some are
seen with children's eyes and
soiled with glue and wine.
they were pushed from a bed of hands
and fell long ago into these
noiseless days.
They will not be received in paradise, these stones.


the school of Halcyon days
whose boys in striped cloaks were
crushed by love beneath the lonely trees
is now a spot on the sun
a clearing of summer
found living again, only in the tight heat.
we shelter in the shade of a
thousand flighting birds
mingling with the sky;
seeking their end.
We prosper in instinct
and stand in the clearing of these dark days
by the shouting waterfalls and
the footballs and the odors of
highborn ladies.
The price of our freedom is too small
but we came here in vice
we came to do business.

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