Sunday, April 24, 2011

Preguntas Tragica

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The Sphinx is on the job
all enigma and melancholy light
a beast slips out of the distance and
eyes him proceeding to take
the Sphinx lights a cigarette and wonders
thinking about the lamb of wonder the
lamb of magic
the lamb of peace
the blood of the lamb
and, at midnight, washes his hands of the whole deal.
Then, out of the darkness
some traveler arrives
only passing by and
in leaving, takes with him
the sins of the world.
The Sphinx, going home at dawn, chants
for the dead- and at his front porch,
stoops to clean up the broken beer bottles and


Where now lies the hungry eye?
eye that seeks the lightning?
asking for boxes of air
and the courage to eat god
where are your curses?
the tragedies that fly from broken glass?
a dog with hands may appear
and count your wrinkles on its
magic fingers
urging you to let go
slapping its side and
extending interest
to your little schemes
where does the dusk end,
and the night begin?

1 comment:

Alice Andreini said...

love the tango with death.