Sunday, April 3, 2011


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On finding the night you are
excited by the edge so you
stamp along the rusty rain to
make a new astronomy. You
violate the pipes and see how they
vibrate handbook music
and weave hair and spit
into gold enough to buy the
services of a prostitute cuckoo
to follow it and in following
give away all your haggard diamonds.
so as you grew,
your carpet of secrets
gave way beneath you.


memory of your names
so lately suffocated by
the act of return.
If you gave a damn
we'd bury you
and crawl along the secondbest epitaph .
to forget our lies.
the justice of scoundrels
will serve for us all.


Sometimes the cure is worse than,...
any dark night spent
kissing and following those unseen dark curves
into these bits of bliss
into this popular century
surrounded by praise
and bounded by shame.
our stars hint at worst-cases
and beauty bears us away
professing hidden immortality.
We pray for summer and we are glad
to wash up, shipwrecked. on its rocks.

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