Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh, Moon of Alabama*

Ithaca 662

Oh ten ge, your eye an anagram
abbreviated in light
gaily introduced between acts
you make a scene
preventing us from growing old
and now in the second age
this costume of leaves and diamonds disappears.

The poet lingers around the event
she produces a kind of oscillation between
the forces of the day and the ambitions of twilight

And makes her end in a room of names.

Ithaca 663

this majestic difficulty
could solve the riddle of our life
our age results in obligation and strife
this existence of added futures and
surpassed maximums
poses a conflict in our erection
the benefit of mutual distraction

and continuing attainment of the possible

Ithaca 664

the mercy of means
the revolution of being
the conversations in rhyme and
hand of salutation
a rainy era of calculus and reminiscence
the grateful decline of a species
Prussian years owned by
constant information
and the performance of widows on circular markets
residing in evenings driven by propellers
a connection of times and inevitable invitations
ends in your reluctant departures
and instantaneous nullifications.

*Kurt Weill

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